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Hi, we are Heidi and David.

We are a 40's professional non-smoking couple, slightly mature (perfectly aged, complete with a sense of humor), past the partying age but still fun, energetic couple.   We have been married for almost 4 years, together for 7. We love good food, cooking, wine, pets, hiking, laughs, gardening, photography, deep discussions about life and so much more.   In our previous lives, we both worked in upper management positions. David worked in engineering design and project management. Heidi owned and operated her own landscape company for 13 years and managed two large landscape companies for several years, all while working for the family commercial produce farm and plant nursery.   Currently, we work as freelancers. Heidi a writer/blogger and David a graphics and CAD designer/project manager as we travel the world caring for your pets and properties.

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References from Completed Pet & House Sits
"We absolutely loved having Heidi and David stay with our pets while we were away on a 12 day cruise. We met them over Skype several months prior and had a great "meet 'n' greet" dinner with them in October. We have two dogs and two cats, and we saw when we returned that our pets love them as much as we do! Our red heeler, Winn, is completely deaf. Heidi and David picked up on his sign language very quickly and found great places around the neighborhood to safely substitute for our temporarily closed dog park. Winn is so comfortable with them and now thinks of them as part of his pack. Both of our cats adopted them and wanted lots of love! Our old man, Bailey (a 16 year old dachshund), was very well taken care of with his "special needs". Our house was well taken care of, clean when we got home, and they even cooked us dinner when we got home! One of the things that I didn't like with a prior house sitter (not from this site) was that I got many texts throughout the day, every day, so that I wasn't really able to enjoy my vacation. Heidi and David sent just the right amount of updates and pictures :) These are definitely the people you want to watch your house and your pets! I have already sent them our next three vacation dates for 2017 in hopes that they will be free."


Denver, CO, USA: November 14 to December 4, 2016
"You want this couple watching your house and pets. They smoothly sailed through some challenges that would have sent lesser sitters running for the door. We weren't home to greet Heidi and David when they showed up at our house the same day they flew in from London because we were already traveling. Instead, they had the misfortune of meeting our first sitter. Heidi and David told us if the house had been in that condition because of us, they would have turned around and left. Instead, they recognized the problem was the sitter and they rescued our home and pets. We later learned the first sitter has mental health issues and was not capable of maintaining a house (note: he was recommended by a friend, not someone we found through this or another website). We were in shock when we saw the pictures Heidi and David sent us and wouldn't have blamed them if they had left. Instead, after getting rid of the disaster that was our first sitter, they spent 5 hours cleaning the house the day they arrived just so they could sleep there that night. They spent at least that much time cleaning again the next day to return the house to a livable state. The damage done was not just to our house. The first sitter didn't like emptying the kitty litter tray, so instead he let our cat out daily, even though we told him it was strictly a house cat. He let our dog develop bad habits when out on walks, such as chasing squirrels. Heidi and David had to retrain both animals. Heidi and David would have been our heroes even if that had been all they had to overcome. It wasn't though. A week before we returned, Heidi noticed the wood floor in our basement went squish, squish as she walked on it. Our sewer line had become clogged, causing sewer water to flood our basement. Heidi and David found a company on a Sunday that could come out to stop the water and then they coordinated with the company to clean up the basement. Unfortunately the pipe needed to be fixed and until then, nothing, not even water, could be put down the pipes. Heidi and David tried finding a place that would take them and the animals. When that didn't work, they boarded the animals. Even though they could no longer stay at our house, they didn't stop working. They visited the animals, including taking our dog for walks. They continued working with the cleanup company as the effort took several days. David picked us up at the airport upon our return and Heidi left us a delicious vegetarian lasagna so we wouldn't have to make dinner after our travel day. They were nothing short of amazing. As you would expect, the handled the day-to-day aspects of sitting with ease. They communicated with us regularly, providing updates on both our pets and our house. They calmly handled the typical problems that come with pets and a house, keeping us informed but not bothering us. We are eternally grateful we had Heidi and David as our sitters. When we first saw the pictures of what a disaster our house was because of the first sitter, we considered cutting our European trip short. They let us know they had everything under control and encouraged us to enjoy ourselves. Because of them, we could. Whether your time away is a series of disasters like ours or just the usual, you can be confident Heidi and David can handle it all."


Longmont, CO, USA: September 20 to November 14, 2016
"Heidi and David came to mind our one-year old puppy, our cat and our three tortoises for two months in July/August 2016. They managed to arrive a few hour before we left so we could show them around. That was enough for us to feel so happy to have met such wonderful persons and to feel totally confident to leave our home and pets in their hands. We kept in touch during our stay in France, they sent us pictures weekly and we could see all was going really well at home. We came back to a lovely tidy house with very contented pets and even a treat for us in the fridge. Unfortunately they had to leave on the day we came back and that was a pity because we would have loved to spend more time with them. We would be delighted to have them house sit for us again anytime and would definitely recommend them highly."


Shankill, Dublin, Ireland: June 28 to August 25, 2016
"Heidi and David were amazing housesitters. They looked after our cat Lola for 2 weeks, they sent us pictures and updates every day and she was happy when we went back home. When we had a little incident in the flat, Heidi and David took care of it and made us feel like our home was in great hands so we could continue with our holidays without worrying. We came back from Christmas to a super clean house, home made chocolates and a happy cat, we couldn't have asked fore more! I would totally recommend Heidi and David for housitting, a reliable couple and animal lovers!"


London, UK: December 20, 2015 to January 3, 2016 Repeat sit: March 10 to March 18, 2016 and August 31 to September 10, 2016
"Heidi and David took FABULOUS care of our dog, bird, and home. Communication before, during and after their stay was prompt and consistent. During our meeting, we found them to be friendly and warm. During our absence, they sent us photos and updates about our pets which we found reassuring. We returned to find happy pets, our home as clean as we'd left it, and a delicious homemade meal waiting for us in the fridge. We recommend them wholeheartedly!"


Fort Collins, CO, USA: September 4 to September 7, 2015
"David and Heidi took care of our house and three dogs for a week, and we could not have been more impressed! This was our first experience with trusted housesitters, and they eased our minds by arranging to meet us before the housesit. Throughout the week they kept in touch daily and sent us fun pictures of our pets. Our flight home was delayed, so they stayed later than required to keep our pets company. We arrived home to find the house immaculate, the yard mowed, and the dogs sleeping happily. They even used their culinary skills to provide a breakfast dish for us, knowing we would not have time to prepare anything for the next day. We can not recommend them highly enough and hope to have them back in the future!"


Colorado Springs, CO, USA: August 14 to August 21, 2015
"Heidi and David were great. I think my little guys took to them right away, and I got regular updates and pics to assure me everything was copasetic while I was away. Heidi and David are warm people and I was worry free."


Denver, CO, USA: July 31 to August 4, 2015 Return sit: August 21 to August 24, 2015


We'd love to hear from you. Please drop us a note and let us know how we're doing or if you'd like us to come care for your pets and properties.