Two forty-somethings traveling our backyard and the world with a couple of suitcases in search of the next great bite, sip or realization. We sold our car and most of our two bedroom apartment, packed the rest into a storage locker, tied up a few loose ends and set out on the adventure of our lives.

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Morocco Street Art

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Kissing Camel found in Essaouira While writing the Moroccan street art post, David asked me, “what it is about

  • Essaouira Marco Telecom

How to Buy a SIM Card in Morocco

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We finally hit a country where our 140+ Simple Choice plan with T-Mobile doesn't include! We highly recommend travelers from the

Are You Being Screwed on the Cost of Travel?

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https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagsandbiscuits/24877302583/in/dateposted-public/   Depending on where you are booking from, you might be getting screwed on the cost of travel. Some

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Bucket lists are a little harder to make than I thought they would be! Popular attractions and places are easy to add, while remembering all the obscure ones that

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  • Second class sitting on a regional train

Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Riding Italian Trains

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https://youtu.be/tb9rweW_Ho8 We are from Denver, CO, where train riding isn't affordable or convenient. We drive or fly instead. We have

  • The Photographer and The Fisherman

Is Smartphone Photography Right for You?

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The Photographer and The Fisherman Recently, I started shooting smartphone photography, using my Galaxy S6 smartphone almost exclusively for

A Warning for Women Visitors Going to Morocco

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https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagsandbiscuits/25386051212/in/dateposted-public/ Scarves are useful for covering the hair or over exposed skin I am an American woman who spent two and



Some days I just stare at the blank screen before me, wondering what to put on it that you will want to read. Are we going about this all wrong? What makes us think that we can give

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