About Us

Two forty-somethings traveling our backyard and the world with a couple of suitcases in search of the next great bite, sip or realization. We sold our car and most of our two bedroom apartment, packed the rest into a storage locker, tied up a few loose ends and set out on the adventure of our lives.


Heidi is an aspiring freelance writer/blogger and the recipe creator, cook, photographer, writer and anything else required for her cooking/food blog Simply Sophisticated Cooking.

Her former life includes a 22-year profession as a landscape designer and entrepreneur, including owning her own landscape company for 13 years before she went back to school for a web development specialized degree in IT.

Heidi loves to explore the world through food and wine while finding new ways to drive her husband, David, insane. She is currently striving to be as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it, as David likes to record her when she is unaware he is filming.


David works as a freelance contractor in project management, graphics and CAD work.

In his 21-year corporate profession, David has worked as a project manager and process design lead in the oil and gas industry. He holds degrees in CAD design and Global Business Management, as well as PMP certification in Project Management and certifications in Microstation.

When David is not enjoying figuring out how to make Heidi’s life more complicated, he indulges in eating popcorn and watching B-rated movies. He is also the official taste tester of Heidi’s cooking.


We both love food, wine (he likes beer!), travel, making new friends, new cultures, art, photography, music, life in general and too many other things to list. We are a lot crazy and a little sane, which is why we work so well together. And while we love each other, we also bicker like the typical married couple.

Maybe we are crazy for giving up the stable life of good pay, insurance, 401 K and a steady paycheck, but living life happy means more to us than living as our parents think we should. And happy, means being free to experience new people, food, places and cultures.


We will and do accept press trips, gear, and freebies, partly because we are making it on our own out here and partly because it’s awesome to get them. That being said, here is our pledge to our readers, editors and anyone else reading our blog:

  • We will always disclose when others pay for our travels, either in the body of a post or at the end of an article.
  • We will tell you if we are receiving any payment for the included links you many click.
  • We will always follow the ethical guidelines of the publications purchasing our work.
  • We will only accept travel and freebies that work with our own editorial goals.

We will strive to keep our voices strong and opinions honest – so you, our readers, will continue to believe in us.