Michael & Holly

Layla & Rama

Longmont, CO, USA: September 21 – November 12, 2016

You want this couple watching your house and pets. They smoothly sailed through some challenges that would have sent lesser sitters running for the door. We weren’t home to greet Heidi and David when they showed up at our house the same day they flew in from London because we were already traveling. Instead, they had the misfortune of meeting our first sitter. Heidi and David told us if the house had been in that condition because of us, they would have turned around and left. Instead, they recognized the problem was the sitter and they rescued our home and pets. We later learned the first sitter has mental health issues and was not capable of maintaining a house (note: he was recommended by a friend, not someone we found through this or another website). We were in shock when we saw the pictures Heidi and David sent us and wouldn’t have blamed them if they had left. Instead, after getting rid of the disaster that was our first sitter, they spent 5 hours cleaning the house the day they arrived just so they could sleep there that night. They spent at least that much time cleaning again the next day to return the house to a livable state. The damage done was not just to our house. The first sitter didn’t like emptying the kitty litter tray, so instead he let our cat out daily, even though we told him it was strictly a house cat. He let our dog develop bad habits when out on walks, such as chasing squirrels. Heidi and David had to retrain both animals. Heidi and David would have been our heroes even if that had been all they had to overcome. It wasn’t though. A week before we returned, Heidi noticed the wood floor in our basement went squish, squish as she walked on it. Our sewer line had become clogged, causing sewer water to flood our basement. Heidi and David found a company on a Sunday that could come out to stop the water and then they coordinated with the company to clean up the basement. Unfortunately the pipe needed to be fixed and until then, nothing, not even water, could be put down the pipes. Heidi and David tried finding a place that would take them and the animals. When that didn’t work, they boarded the animals. Even though they could no longer stay at our house, they didn’t stop working. They visited the animals, including taking our dog for walks. They continued working with the cleanup company as the effort took several days. David picked us up at the airport upon our return and Heidi left us a delicious vegetarian lasagna so we wouldn’t have to make dinner after our travel day. They were nothing short of amazing. As you would expect, the handled the day-to-day aspects of sitting with ease. They communicated with us regularly, providing updates on both our pets and our house. They calmly handled the typical problems that come with pets and a house, keeping us informed but not bothering us. We are eternally grateful we had Heidi and David as our sitters. When we first saw the pictures of what a disaster our house was because of the first sitter, we considered cutting our European trip short. They let us know they had everything under control and encouraged us to enjoy ourselves. Because of them, we could. Whether your time away is a series of disasters like ours or just the usual, you can be confident Heidi and David can handle it all.