Patrick & Sophie

Fluffy & Misto

Shankill, Ireland: June 28 – August 25, 2016

Heidi and David came to mind our one-year old puppy, our cat and our three tortoises for two months in July/August 2016. They managed to arrive a few hour before we left so we could show them around. That was enough for us to feel so happy to have met such wonderful persons and to feel totally confident to leave our home and pets in their hands. We kept in touch during our stay in France, they sent us pictures weekly and we could see all was going really well at home. We came back to a lovely tidy house with very contented pets and even a treat for us in the fridge. Unfortunately they had to leave on the day we came back and that was a pity because we would have loved to spend more time with them. We would be delighted to have them house sit for us again anytime and would definitely recommend them highly.