February 2016 Travel Expenses: Tamraght and Essaouira, Morocco

Bags & Biscuits | February 2016 Travel Expenses, Essaouira, MoroccoOK, we’ve finally found a place we like in Morocco!

AND found a reason to return!

Personally, I didn’t believe that was going to happen. We’ve been counting the days until we could leave…And then we arrived in Essaouira.

Don’t get me wrong, Tamraght is beautiful, and we like the beach there more than the one in Essaouira. It’s sexy blue-green waves, and tan beaches with the active stray dogs are more appealing than the dark grey-blue stormy waves of Essaouira.

It is amazing what a three-hour drive up the coast can do for differences in environment and climate. We also now know why Essaouira is known as the windy city. The wind varies from light warm breezes to cold heavy winds.

Bags & Biscuits | February 2016 Travel Expenses, Essaouira, MoroccoIn Essaouira, we call a cozy little third floor flat with a terrace home and have a great landlord. Naima is an awesome cook. She has treated us to several tasty traditional Moroccan dishes, our favorite being the Chicken Pastilla.

We’ve enjoyed Essaouira so much; we are considering coming back for another three months. It’s still up for debate because it will be the hottest months of July, August, and September if we do.

Another great reason to return to Morocco is the savings. Morocco is right for our wallet! We are $695 USD under our February 2016 travel expenses budget. AWESOME!!!  Money to help pay for our upcoming ten days in London.

February 2016 Travel Expenses Included:

Bags & Biscuits | February 2016 Travel Expenses, Essaouira, Morocco(Some included vector images in infogram created by  VectorOpenStock.com. All others created by David Medina.)
  • Mostly eating out: we’ve enjoyed a few restaurants in Essaouira and Naima’s yummy food.
  • A taxi ride from Tamraght to Essaouira
  • Spices to take with us (Saffron to go!)
  • Haircuts for us both

Morocco does have plenty to offer in the way of food variety. We do miss pork, but having access to good quality lamb, goat, chicken, turkey and beef is nice. Not to mention, all the organically grown veggies we can eat for really cheap. And seafood! The savings in just the food bill alone is outstanding.

Rent is also very cheap. Around $550 a month is rent for an average place including all the utilities and Wi-Fi. We could live in a luxury riad for around $800. Morocco does have great cheap ocean living for those who love the beach and it’s reflected in our February 2016 travel expenses.

Of course, we could have spent more money on entertainment, but this month we took it easy since we knew London was coming up again.

Bags & Biscuits | February 2016 Travel Expenses, Tamraught, MoroccoEssaouira also has plenty out-of-the-way places for hiking and getting away from the tourist areas. The north end of town is a beautiful beach rarely used by anyone but the fishermen.

And we’ve managed to get plenty of work done. A huge plus because we were struggling to keep up before. Now we will be ahead when we leave here.

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