January 2016 Travel Expenses: Marrakech and Tamraght Morocco

Bags & Biscuits | January 2016 Travel Expenses, Marrakech MedinaOur January 2016 travel expenses land us in Morocco, the mystic lands of spices, camels, mosques, beautiful landscapes and several new friends.

Morocco was a cheap warm place to hide for the coldest months of the year, get some work done and make up for our expensive December in London.

We spent a week in Marrakech before moving on to the small surf town of Tamraght, in the Southern part of Morocco, where the blue-green waves drew hopeful surfers out daily.

Bags & Biscuits | January 2016 Travel Expenses, Tamraught and Tamraught BeachWe came in under budget in our January 2016 travel expenses by $241 USD. YAY!!! We were hoping to make that figure $500 in savings but hiring a driver and spending time in Marrakech spent a little more than planned added up to fewer savings.

Our arrival in Tamraght was mired by showing up to a filthy flat that also lacked in the advertised amenities. Airbnb was kind enough to credit us $100 towards a new reservation when they refunded our money.

The result, we gained $100 USD in rent savings, found a nicer unit and new friends that we will visit in Paris. It was a fortunate find since rentals are scarce in Tamraght with the surf season in full swing. Thank you, Airbnb.

January 2016 Travel Expenses included:

Bags & Biscuits | January 2015 Travel Expenses(Some included vector images in infogram created by  VectorOpenStock.com. All others created by David Medina.)
  • Eating out several times in the Marrakech Medina
  • Pictures with a snake charmer (HAHA!)
  • A splurge on a private car to drive us from Marrakech to Tamraght
  • Purchasing exotic spices
  • Moroccan bracelets for both David and I

It is nice to get back to inexpensive food in both the grocery stores and restaurants after the shock of prices in London.

We learned the art of surviving the vendors of Morocco after a few times of getting scammed. It’s definitely a thing you have to be aware of when you’re shopping. We’ve chalked it up to the cost of education and learning. It also helped us to write the Marrakech Medina Survival Guide which is upcoming.

Bags & Biscuits | January 2016 Travel Expenses, Camel overlooking Tamraught BeachThe private driver and car from Marrakech to Tamraght was an expensive splurge. Taking the bus would have run us about $25 to $30 USD. But it was worth it. We enjoyed the trip.

The biggest enjoyment in Morocco was the warm temperatures, Moroccan foods, the beach and the stray dogs. And the fact, we have time to catch up on our work. The goal is to leave here WAY ahead on our blog.

Post originally posted February 2015 and has been updated. 

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Bags & Biscuits | January 2016 Travel Expenses, Tamraught Beach


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