November 2015 Travel Expenses: Lisbon, Portugal

Bags & Biscuits | November 2015 Travel Expenses, Lisboa, PortugalNovember 2015 found us in the beautiful city of Lisboa, Portugal.

We are in love. This town has it all. Old history, new technology, great food, it’s close to the ocean and has a fantastic transportation system. I’m pretty sure that we’ve found a home.

And while it was a great month, as far as travel expenses went, it was one of those months where the budget went out the window because shit did happen in our November 2015 travel expenses. As a result, you’ll see the “When Shit Happens” column added to the cost infographic for November. We hope that doesn’t happen too often!

November 2015 Travel Expenses Overages

Bags & Biscuits | November 2015 Travel Expenses, Lisboa, PortugalWe started the month out with running late for our plane in Rome. The results: an expensive taxi ride, instead of the bus.

On that same flight, Ryanair decided our luggage was over their limits (although we had carefully followed their online sizing and weight requirements). The results: a nasty penalty fee for placing them under the plane just before the flight.

Arriving in Lisbon, we purchased “Ryanair approved” luggage. It was cheaper to buy new luggage then to use another carrier or pay for putting our bags under the plane.

And finally, I lost my trusty electronic sidekick…my Samsung Galaxy 5. Meaning I lost my brain!

Yep, a lot of overages. Thank goodness we had an emergency fund and travel insurance (for the lost phone).

Rest of the November 2015 Travel Expenses

Bags & Biscuits | November 2015 Travel Expenses, Lisboa Portugald3ec

(Some included vector images in infogram created by All others created by David Medina.)

All said, minus the overages, November 2015 in Lisboa, Portugal was a fun month for us.

If it wasn’t for the “When Shit Happens” moments, our travel expenses would have easily been within budget.

After a glut of seeing ancient places in Italy, we skipped most of that stuff in Lisboa. Instead, we spent the month living a more “normal” life as we did back home in the US.

November entertainment includes:

  • a tuk-tuk tour (such a tourist thing to do, but soooo much fun)
  • a visit to the Berardo Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art
  • the Discoveries Monument and Belém Tower
  • the beach
  • Belem’s Tropical Botanic Garden
  • Monument to Christ
  • 25th of April Bridge
  • Feira da Ladra, several times for photo opts
  • Finally seeing the Real Bodies exhibit
  • Seeing lots of street art
  • Plenty of exploration of this exciting city.

We ate beautiful food, including lots of fresh seafood and experienced the famous Pastel de Belém (several times) to see what all the hype was about. So delicious, but we still have places to try on our next visit so not sure if they are the best or not!

Our expenses also include $270.88 in exchange rates.

Overall, we feel satisfied with our November 2015 travel expenses. Minus, of course, the extra unexpected travel expenses!

And it felt right to live more our “normal” lifestyle.

We look forward to hearing any comments or answering any questions you may have on budgets and travel expenses.

This post originally posted in December 2015 and has been edited and updated.

Bags & Biscuits | November 2015 Travel Expenses, Lisboa, Portugal



  1. Volkan and Heather October 8, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Well done! I love these numbers and analysis – it really shows the big pictures. Sorry for the loss of your Samsung.

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