October 2015 Travel Expenses: Trevi, Umbria, Italy

Bags & Biscuits | October 2015 Travel Expenses, Trevi I recently redid the Bags & Biscuits website, including taking down all the old content. I’m working to get that content reposted starting with our October 2015 trip expenses.

This article originally posted in November 2015 and does contain some edits and adjustments.

Bags & Biscuits | October 2015 Travel Expenses, Trevi One of the first and most common questions we get asked about our traveling is “How do you afford it? Travel is expensive.”

A slightly valid point, although not entirely accurate either.

Travel can be expensive.

BUT travel can be more affordable or cheaper than living in many places in the US, the UK and other high priced cities around the world.

Our Monthly Expenses Comparison

Bags & Biscuits | October 2015 Travel Expenses, Trevi In Denver, our monthly expenses averaged $3,000 USD to cover the rent, utilities, phones, insurance, groceries, entertainment and other ordinary living expenses. This cost included David’s work paying for most of our insurance.

Here on the road, we travel with the goal of a $2,400 monthly budget. This budget includes all of our insurance, storage locker, phone, rent, travel, living and entertainment expenses. We are not living a low budget life so have the option to reduce costs if we choose.

Of course, we are not eating out $100 meals every night or doing overly expensive sightseeing tours all the time. BUT we are having a great time and enjoying the locations we are visiting. We get out and have fun, even spend some overnights in other places and rent a car occasionally.

October 2015 Travel Expenses

Bags & Biscuits | October Travel Expenses: Trevi, Umbia, Italy(Some included vector images in infogram created by  VectorOpenStock.com. All others created by David Medina.)

October found us at home in Trevi, Umbria, Italy. If the photos seem like something out of a storybook, it’s because Trevi is the quintessential Italian town. It’s what you think of when you envision Italy. Towers, walls, old churches, winding little streets, and lots of Italian food and people. There’s almost no English spoken in Trevi, so working on your Italian language skills is a must. And you aren’t going to find tourist food here. No, it’s all Italian. Mostly untouched by modern times.

Our entertainment expenses in October included train trips from Trevi to Gubbio, Assisi and Perugia for day trips, two nights in Roma and a $100 dinner at a nice restaurant in Trevi, Travena di Sette, plus all food, transportation, entry fees to museums and sights.

We did A LOT and was able to save $227 of the budget.

This budget also includes the money exchange rates. In Italy, the average exchange rate during October was 1 Euro to $1.10 USD. So around $186 of our dollars were lost to the exchange rates.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about our October 2015 travel expenses, or about Trevi and the Umbrian valley. We are more than happy to share our tips and tricks for fun travel without breaking the bank.

Bags & Biscuits | October 2015 Travel Expenses, Trevi

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