Why We Petsit & Property Manage

We enjoy meeting new people, visiting different places and experiencing unknown cultures and lifestyles. Petsitting and property management are ways to achieve that goal while still feeling like we are living in a home.

Providing love, affection and stability for your pets is a bonus because we both love being pet parents.

Sharing your pets and caring for your property offers the opportunity to travel and experience new lifestyles and destinations while living in a home environment.

Pet Sitting and Property Management Qualifications We Have to Offer

We have:

  • Owned pets during our lifetime and understand the connection animals provide in people’s lives
  • Know how to provide love, affection and necessary care for pets/animals
  • Cared for dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, chickens and rabbits, large and small, including Great Danes. Living both inside and outside the home. Both raised from birth and rescue. Some requiring special attention and needs, such as medication, extra time or certain approaches. And provided lots of love and attention
  • Cared for various ages from the very young to old. Providing training if needed for the young and soft care for the more fragile
  • Cared for 4 dogs plus puppies, 6 cats, multiple fish, 50 or so chickens, 1 horse and several birds at one time
  • Been responsible for large 20-acre size properties with large homes to small properties with free-standing homes and 1 to 2 bedroom apartment/townhouses
  • Planted and maintained vegetable and flower gardens, cared for indoor houseplants, swept and cleaned driveways, trimmed trees/bushes and removed weeds
  • Used all types of yard machinery, including push and ride-on mowers, reel mowers, string trimmers, blowers and edgers
  • Professionally cleaned the insides of mansion-sized homes to small flats to sparkling condition
  • Cooked and served gourmet three-course meals for up to 30 people and catered smaller events
  • Provided vacation rental turnovers.
  • Have overseen guest check-in/out, taken reservations and worked with guests in two Italian B&Bs, ensuring guest satisfaction and comfort
  • Provided airport/train pickups and dropoffs
  • Lived in heat, humidity, arid, rain, snow and ice; by oceans and mountains and in cities, small villages and remote areas
  • Survived hurricanes while keeping homes and pets safe, lived in climates where weather is warm one minute and snowing the next and embraced it all

Being homeowners and long-term renters we:

  • Understand the value of an owner’s property
  • Can use our life experiences for problem-solving and those unexpected events that happen from time to time
  • Have the ability to do home/garden maintenance including minor repairs, pruning, painting, lawn care
  • Professional house cleaning and organic landscape/gardening experience, including large-scale properties.
  • Understand that you do not want people you have not met in your home. We will not invite other people over, throw parties or disrespect your home in any way.
  • we understand you want your home treated with respect and cared for in a responsible way.
  • We will update you on your home and pets throughout the stay, if you want, by email or text

We can:

  • Open up our horizons and embrace new friends, cultures and languages
  • Keep an open mind
  • Learn and try new ideas
  • Not charge for our services as house sitters
  • Travel anywhere in the world, including places we have never heard of
  • Share our love for cooking and wine with you by cooking you a meal
  • Drive internationally and drive a manual automobile

Coming from professional backgrounds (Heidi a landscape company owner/freelance writer and David a project manager/design process manager) we are:

  • Organized and reliable
  • Capable of independent thought and analysis
  • Great communicators
  • Computer, smartphone and technology savvy
  • Capable of following instructions
  • Available for personal contact and happy to offer our police checks and references

Please check out our references on Trustedhousesitters.com