Paid Services

Wanna get things done while you’re away?

We can help!

Professional Cleaning

Oven Deep Clean: $50

Refrigerator Deep Clean: $75

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning & Organizing: from $50

Garage Cleaning & Organizing: $35 per hour


Planting, weeding or transplanting

$35 per hour

Home Cooked Meals

Prepare right in your kitchen.

Everything is taken care of, including the planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning and storing in your freezer, complete with reheating directions.

All you have to do is heat and eat!

from $25 per dish

Travel Planning

Let us help you use our travel tips and tricks to plan your trip.

We specialize in living like a local.

15% of total cost of your trip

Pet Photography

Forget using the one-hour pet photographer.

We spend intimate time getting to know your pets while sitting with them.

High-Quality Files Perfect for Printing or Sharing

Photo Packages from $75

Help Finding Your Next Sitter (Assuming it isn’t Us)

We’ll put your name and details out to our group of professional sitter friends, guaranteeingĀ that you get an experienced sitter.


We accept Cash and PayPal for payments